Other Attractions At Arizona Boardwalk

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The Paradise Earth Experience

A rainforest adventure

Paradise Earth is an environmental adventure that will take its guests on an expedition through a magnificent rainforest world that very few people see. Visit a unique collection of exotic animals, including thousands of free flying birds, that thrive amongst their natural botanical habitats.

The Lobby

The journey to another world begins here where guess will be exposed to a charming botanical landscape planted for each of the four seasons.

Rainforest Atrium

Trek along the rainforest path of discovery. View a wide variety of animals from waterfowl that live near lily pads to monkeys that swing in trees. Majestic rainforest sounds accompany you on your journey.

Different Elevations of Fun

There are three levels of pathways for the guests: Forest Floor, Understory Trail, and Canopy Level. Just as birds in the rainforest live at various heights of the trees' canopy, guests will have an opportunity to experience the rainforest at different heights.

Animal Encounters

There will be plenty of fun, educational, interactive animal opportunities at Paradise Earth. Around a corner might be an Animal Care Specialist holding a sloth, educating visitors about their rainforest habitat. At another level, visitors will delight in bird feedings while on a wooden bridge high up in the canopy.

Kids Paradise Play Area

Play elements like balance logs and climbing vines entice children to have fun. Educational areas that are designed to stimulate the mind and prompt the imagination exist in this wonderful rainforest playground.

Monkey Island

Nestled along the bend of a pathway, Monkey Island is full of delightful antics and surprising moments with a variety of primate species. Hear and see the monkeys chattering, jumping, playing, and swooping through trees.

Discovery Stations

Discovery Stations are stationed along pathways providing opportunities for learning, sightseeing and relaxing. These include night vision binocular viewing areas, hidden animal sculptures, frog footprints, climbing vines, and hammocks for guests to rest and view the forest.

Live Avian Air Show

Animal Care Specialists will marvel guests with vibrantly colored birds showcasing their natural behaviors, amazing flight agility and spirited interactions.

Animatronic Bird Show

The “Welcome to the Jungle” show will feature amusing animatronic birds providing a lighthearted romp in the upper reaches of the rainforest.

Tree House

A rustic treehouse adds to the charm of this leafy green environment. A combination of theatrical walls and high definition digital displays create the illusion of an environment unfolding miles into the distance amongst the towering trees.

The Nighttime Experience

At night, the atrium transforms into a magical, electronic light show of splendid color and sound. This is an event that is not to be missed when the sun goes down. Animated visuals accompany audio, telling short stories about different regions of the world and the species of birds that are its inhabitants.

Restaurant & Retail

Relax and dine with an exceptional view at Roost. This themed restaurant resembles an ornate, life-size Victorian birdcage, allowing guests to watch free flying birds from a variety of angles while within the restaurant.